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The WIFO Drum kit will turn your phone or tablet into a drum set. I found them on Kickstarter and so did 400 people. They are fully funded but their campaign is still going until June 23rd. It looks like the kit will work with any drum app, and if you back them on Kickstarter, you get a drum game app for free.


You get a set of drumsticks with a conductive tip, but my favorite part is that it comes with a bass pedal that connects to your screen. You just put it over the bass drum in the app and when you use the pedal, it taps the bass drum. Another great thing about the WIFO Drum Kit is that is comes with a leg strap incase you are somewhere without a table to set your phone on. As a former drummer, this seems interesting. I already contacted them about a review unit, but if you want to go fund them on Kickstarter (you should!), click here to go to there page. Is this something you’re interested in? Let me know in the comments.





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