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This is my review of VAVA’s mechanical gaming keyboard and my first gaming keyboard.

I’m not really into gaming, but a few people that are told me that this keyboard looks good to game on. What I can say is that it’s great for typing. The keys are well spaced out and easy to get used to typing on. Another nice touch is the RGB lighting. You can make the keys whatever color you want, and there are tons of customizable effects. If you only buy this keyboard for the colors, I think you made a great purchase. One thing I want to note is that this keyboard uses blue switches, so it will have a clicky noise that’s louder than most keyboards. I like it, but when I brought it to English class and we were working on essays, I don’t think my class enjoyed the noise that much.

Overall this is a great keyboard and it isn’t just for gamers. It’s fun to use too. Here’s the link to check it out. Thanks to VAVA for providing my review unit.


Check out the video review here.



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