You might have gotten an error message if you tried to visit our site since the end of June, but that is all (hopefully) fixed.  It all started out when we went over our monthly traffic allowed by our webhost.  Our account got locked until the end of June, and I managed to change DNS settings that made our website not load.  It took a week for the right settings to take effect.  On Friday, about an hour after the website was back, up our webhost was under a DDoS attack.  That took them the whole weekend to fix and on Monday I discovered that the Tyler Tech website got deleted from their servers.  Luckily, I made a backup after we went over our traffic and was able to retrieve the text from our old articles and upload that to our site as “archived”.  I decided to start from scratch after my first experience with WordPress and put this site together.  I will be keeping regular backups (and possibly looking into a new webhost), but in the end everything worked out.  Thanks for reading.  You can check out some of the archived articles here:  and read some newer articles on our homepage.


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