I already made a video about technology in education that was meant for teachers and administrators.  Now it’s time for students to take a look at some back to school tech.

Let’s start with a laptop.  For the average user, I recommend a Chromebook for classroom use.  Specifically the Samsung Chromebook Plus.  It comes with an S – Pen and flips around so you can download a note taking app and get rid of all that paper.  Next is a phone.  I’m an Android guy, so I won’t be recommending the iPhone.  If you want something that’s out now the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus are probably your best option.  It’s what I carry around daily.  You can even check out my review right here.  If you don’t mind waiting a little, the Pixel 2 could be interesting.  The Note 8 could also be a good option and you could use it to take notes on instead of a laptop.  For your math classes, the Texas Instruments TI – Nspire is a must.  Just make sure you get the one with that comes with a Computer Algebra System, or CAS.  That lets you type in almost any equation and the calculator solves it for you.  It takes a little bit to learn how to use it, but I taught myself the basics one day during math class instead of reviewing for the final.  You could also download FluidMath if you are using a computer.  If neither of those work, I will be making a video showing you how to install apps to make your graphing calculator smarter once school starts, so subscribe to get notified when that video is up!  Last up is headphones.  This is where I try and help out you iPhone people especially.  Don’t get lightning headphones and don’t get Air Pods.  Get the Axgio Dash bluetooth headphones.  They might not look the best but they sound great, feel comfortable and secure, and they’re only $40.  I normally only use one at a time so I can still hear what’s going on around me and I get almost a full week of use like that.  If I use both of them at the same time the battery still lasts around a day or two.


Is there something I forgot in my list of school tech?  Let me know in the comments on my video.  Speaking of video, don’t forget to subscribe to Tyler Tech on YouTube to get notified when a new video gets uploaded!

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