Student Center is a student management tool created by students for educators. When I was in 10th grade, I saw the need for schools to update the way they keep track of where students are throughout the school day. Signout sheets and paper passes weren’t secure or easily searchable in a hurry. They are also inefficient for students, teachers, and administrators.

Over the past two years, this software evolved into Student Center. With Student Center:

  • Administrators can track where students are throughout the day – no more all calls over the PA to find a missing student.
  • Students can quickly sign in/out of classes by typing their name or using a barcode/magnetic swipe card on their student ID.
  • Teachers can easily search for a specific student’s location. There is also the ability to do custom searches to see a list of current locations for students in their class.
  • The list is forever expanding with planned features such as early dismissal signout and integrations with existing software used by schools.
My goal is to make it easier to keep track of students so teachers and administrators have more time to focus on students’ needs. If you are interested in discussing how Student Center can benefit your school, please fill out the form below.
Thank you,

Tyler Vandenberg

Tyler Tech


Start Using Student Center

Pricing starts at $2 per student per month. Getting your school setup should take one month or less, then you can reap the benefits of Student Center in your school. Use the form below to get started!




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