It’s hard to get a nice steady shot with a DSLR, or any camera for that matter.  You go out and try to get some smooth video handheld, but when you go to watch it you end up with footage that’s almost unusable.  That’s when a stabilizer comes in handy, specifically the Roxant Pro stabilizer.  




The Roxant Pro stabilizer lets you get those smooth handheld shots that improve your videos.  Whether it’s filming sports or filming nature outside, this is a must have accessory.  To set up the stabilizer, you need to balance your camera on it.  Roxant has a playlist on youtube with tutorial videos that cover this and more.  The link to those videos is in the description.  Once you have your camera set up you’re good to go.  When I tried this out for the first time, I didn’t watch any of the videos that tell you how to set it up.  Professionals rely on thousands of dollars of equipment to get stable video and this only costs around $60.  You can watch the video above to see the stabilizer in action.


The Roxant Pro stabilizer offers performance close to what the professionals use for a lot less money.  I believe this is an essential tool for anyone shooting video.   You can buy the Roxant Pro or check out their other products on their website.  

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