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Don’t trust HP’s tech support. I thought I could get tech support to fix my laptop since I was busy. HP’s tech support ended up being a waste of my time. Check out the video here, or keep on reading.

One day I turned on my laptop and I saw that the storage was full! My first thought was to run Disk Cleanup, but it didn’t work. I was in a hurry, so I decided to let HP tech support remotely work on it to fix it while I was in history class. I figured it would be done by lunch, I could type “Thanks for fixing my laptop.”, and move on. Well, that didn’t work. I saw a message that said they couldn’t fix it unless I pay extra for their SmartFriend service. I wasn’t expecting that. So I replied “Wait, my laptop is only three months old so it’s still under warranty plus I bought a care pack. Doesn’t that cover it?” They completely ignored my warranty and told me that the care pack only covers hardware issues, which isn’t mentioned anywhere on their site. After about a week of going through this, I just did a factory reset. Nothing happened for about a week, then I kept getting the same error message. HP still didn’t care. I decided I would just fix it myself since musical was over and I had some time. I found a forum post on How To Geek that talked about TreeSize Portable. It’s a piece of software that lets you see what’s taking up space on your hard drive. I ran it, and it turns out that I had over 80GB of files from Microsoft Offices upload center because my school uses Office 365. That means that every time I refreshed a file, it took up space in a folder because it wasn’t set to delete old files. I deleted the folder and fixed the settings. Now I have all the extra space that I was supposed to have back on my hard drive. I don’t know who should take the blame for this. HP tech support for not doing these simple steps, Microsoft because they have this built into Office 2016, or me because I trusted HP tech support in the first place. At least I learned a valuable lesson that I should have known, don’t trust tech support.

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