Tyler Tech is proud to announce a new tool to track the spread of the Coronavirus in the United States, COVID-US. Through COVID-US, people can anonymously self-report information about any coronavirus symptoms they’re experiencing or tests they’ve taken. This gives citizens and researchers data beyond the confirmed tests of COVID-19 in the US. To view […]
The Greensburg Sports Network (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgelWn9yMk0WUzTycK50Gig) is looking for sponsors! More info: https://go.tylertech.tk/2EMn6oJ  
The Lions’ Den, Greensburg Salem High School’s student run newspaper, interviewed me last year about my interest in technology, Tyler Tech, and more. I am thankful for this amazing opportunity to share my passion for technology with my Greensburg Salem family and the world.  Here is a link to the article so you can read […]
Tyler Tech is proud to announce that the Greensburg Salem Powderpuff Football Game will be livestreamed on the Tyler Tech YouTube channel. The livestream will be hosted by Tyler Vandenberg and commentated by Ryan Nalevanko and Chase Clemence. You can watch the livestream by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSQj6Si1Yvc
It’s hard to get a nice steady shot with a DSLR, or any camera for that matter.  You go out and try to get some smooth video handheld, but when you go to watch it you end up with footage that’s almost unusable.  That’s when a stabilizer comes in handy, specifically the Roxant Pro stabilizer. […]
I already made a video about technology in education that was meant for teachers and administrators.  Now it’s time for students to take a look at some back to school tech. Let’s start with a laptop.  For the average user, I recommend a Chromebook for classroom use.  Specifically the Samsung Chromebook Plus.  It comes with […]
    The CamFi is a little box that attaches to your DSLR and allows you to wirelessly control it using your phone, tablet, or computer.  The CamFi plugs into the USB port on your camera and creates a wifi network that you connect to and control almost everything about your DSLR.  That means when […]
Today is a day of action across the internet.  Tech companies are having an online protest of proposed changes to net neutrality rules by the FCC.  The FCC wants to get rid of regulations from 2015 that prohibit internet providers like Comcast and Verizon from blocking websites, slowing them down, and prioritizing sites that pay. […]
You might have gotten an error message if you tried to visit our site since the end of June, but that is all (hopefully) fixed.  It all started out when we went over our monthly traffic allowed by our webhost.  Our account got locked until the end of June, and I managed to change DNS […]
We had some issues with our webhost and lost most of our old site, but this article was recovered.  We were unable to recover the images… sorry for any inconvenience.     I’ve been using the Galaxy S8 Plus for a little over three weeks. This is my first Samsung phone since the Galaxy Centura […]