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Apple is about to make it easier to get your broken iPhone screen fixed. First reported by Reuters, Apple will be putting its screen repair machines in about 400 third party authorized repair centers. Best Buy will be one of the first to have the repair machines in stores, but not in all of their stores.

Apple’s Horizon screen repair robots are “… gray metal boxes the size of a microwave with a swing-out windowed door, vary slightly in shape depending on the model of iPhone they repair.” according to Reuters. The Apple technicians take the broken screen off and mount the new one. Reuters also adds that “Once the new screen is mounted, the iPhone goes into the Horizon Machine, which allows Apple’s software to communicate with the fresh hardware. Over the course of 10 to 12 minutes, the machine talks to the phone’s operating system to pair the fingerprint sensor to the phone’s brain. While that unfolds, a mechanical finger jabs the screen in multiple places to test the touch-sensitive surface. The machine also fine tunes the display and software to match the precise colors and calibration of the original.”

Does Apple making this available to third party repair centers mean that the iPhone 8 is going to break easily? Only time will tell. For more info and pictures of the Horizon machine, check out the article from Reuters.

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