Make Your DSLR Wireless With CamFi!



The CamFi is a little box that attaches to your DSLR and allows you to wirelessly control it using your phone, tablet, or computer.  The CamFi plugs into the USB port on your camera and creates a wifi network that you connect to and control almost everything about your DSLR.  That means when you can’t fit behind your camera because of space limitations, or because you want to stand in front of it, you can use the CamFi to change the focus, white balance, take pictures, and start and stop video recording all from your phone.  Or if you own a photography studio, you can have your pictures show up on a monitor for your client to see as you take them, or even have all your pictures print out as you take them.  You could even get rid of the cameraman for your youtube videos (I can’t because I feel bad firing myself).


The CamFi is simple to hook up.  First, you connect the CamFi to your camera’s USB port, then you can mount the CamFi in a few different ways.  First, is using the included mount for your camera’s hot shoe.  That could be a problem if you want to use a mic or other accessory too.  In that case, you can use the lanyard to hang the CamFi from your tripod, or lens.  Those are just the ways that have worked for me, you can put it anywhere as long as it’s secure.  Then you just turn on the CamFi, connect to the wifi network it creates, and open the app.  There you go, now you can control the settings all from your phone, tablet, or computer.  There is also the option to put the camera in live view, but because of the camera only supporting USB 2.0, this could be slightly laggy or jumpy.  The file transfer is really fast.  That makes it easy to take professional pictures on your DSLR and share them on social media, all wirelessly.  I think this is an essential tool for anyone who owns a DSLR that isn’t wireless.  The CamFi is going to be staying in my camera bag from now on.  If you want to get one for yourself, I’ll leave a link to the CamFi in the description.  Thanks to CamFi for sending this to me for my review!  

Why You Need Net Neutrality

Today is a day of action across the internet.  Tech companies are having an online protest of proposed changes to net neutrality rules by the FCC.  The FCC wants to get rid of regulations from 2015 that prohibit internet providers like Comcast and Verizon from blocking websites, slowing them down, and prioritizing sites that pay.  Without net neutrality the internet would be more like cable TV, where the content you see is what your provider puts in front of you.  Comcast and Verizon want to control what we see and do online and the FCC is ready to let them.  It’s up to us to stop them.  Team Cable would start charging websites if they want to be prioritized, that means that sites like Youtube and Google with billions of dollars will be easier for you to access.  Smaller sites like Vimeo might not be able to pay as much or more than Youtube, essentially putting them out of business because of slow speeds.  Sites across the internet, including this huge list, will be participating in today’s day of action.  That list has over 200 companies that agree on defending net neutrality.  A lot of them will be adding a slow loading image to show what the internet would be like without net neutrality.  Our website will be showing a message that you can use to send a message to the FCC (As long as everything worked out.  As a backup I also installed a wordpress plugin that’s supposed to do something similar.)  There is also an ad at the top of the Tyler Tech site that takes you to, a website created in support of net neutrality.  You can help too.  You can change your social media profile pictures to a loading icon, post these pictures, and sign some open letters.  I joined over 170 creators and added Tyler Tech to the Internet Creators Guild’s open letter to the FCC.  Net neutrality is essential in ensuring that the internet remains a level playing field for all creators.  Please support net neutrality *BUFFERING* so this *BUFFERING* isn’t normal (That makes more sense at the end of the video…)