Tyler Vandenberg Technologies is committed to developing technical solutions for our clients.

– Tyler Vandenberg

Read on to learn more about our products and services.

Video & Live Streaming Production

Since we started out as a YouTube channel, video production is at the roots of Tyler Vandenberg Technologies.  We have gained experience in many different types of productions from school news broadcasts, event video, and sports video to live streaming events and sports.  You can learn more about Tyler Tech’s video production services by clicking here.

Software Development

Tyler Vandenberg Technologies is currently developing a suite of software designed for student management.  Student Center, the software suite, is being tested in the Greensburg Salem School District. We specialize in creating software to manage data, but we are open to taking on other projects.  For more information about Student Center, or to submit a request for your custom software, click here.

Technical Solutions

At Tyler Vandenberg Technologies, technical solutions encompass problem-solving using technology.  We have tackled everything from basic tech questions to designing systems that speed up and automate tasks.  This often involves overlap from our other two main areas of expertise (Video Production and Software Development) and creative thinking.  Read more about our technical solutions projects or submit a request for your project by clicking here.